Here on the farm we have two llamas (Crystal and Jasper), two geese (Tilly and Taffy), a variety of chickens (which provide our delicious free-range eggs for breakfast) and a very small cockerel called Sputnik. In the early part of the year you may see sheep in the upper paddock and during July or August it’s hay-making.

Our llamas enjoy a quiet life: they don’t like loud noises or quick movements – and they certainly DON’T like to be stroked. If you would like to visit them, we are happy to take you. We recommend that you stand quietly with your hands behind your back and if you are lucky, you mighty even get a ‘kiss’ from Crystal, the white one. Both of them are nosey – they like to sniff your clothes when they come to see who you are. Many people ask us, “Do they spit?” The answer is: “At each other – usually over food!” However, if you don’t offend them, they are unlikely to offend you. For a good indicator of how they are feeling, have a look at their ears. If they are erect and pointing slightly forwards, the llamas are in a good humour. If their ears are laid back, they are probably having an argument with each other…

The geese came here in 1999 as a group of 4 goslings. Only when they were fully grown did we realise we’d made a mistake: we had 3 ganders and 1 goose (poor girl). It just so happened that a friend in the village had lost his 2 ganders and was bereft – so we gave him 2 of our ganders. Life on the pond has been much calmer ever since!

You can see the chickens pecking in the lower paddock. Recently we were given a gift of a Malaysian Serama frizzle, the smallest bantam you can get. We’ve named him Sputnik because of his tail feathers, which stick up like two antennae. He’s quite a character – and looks as if he’s just come out of the washing machine. See if you can spot him strutting his stuff. He’s the size of a pigeon but thinks he’s a turkey. You can hear him half a mile away but he’s never quite mastered his “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo”: he’s got an ear-piercing “Cock-a-Doodle” but he hasn’t got a “Doo”!