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Old Mill Farmhouse – a totally non-smoking establishment


Fron Oleu’ means ‘light on the hill’ and the late afternoon sun bathes the fields and garden in a beautiful golden glow. ‘Trawsfynydd’ means ‘across the mountains’. Whichever way you travel, the road rises as it threads its way to Trawsfynydd, which is set on a hill more than six hundred feet above sea level and is completely encircled by the glorious mountain ranges of Snowdonia. The name was given to the village by the Romans.

Trawsfynydd has been an important resting place for travellers since the Bronze Age when, due to its proximity to the ancient trading route, travellers to and from Ireland came en-route to Wiltshire which, in those days, was the cultural centre of Britain. The many cairns, megaliths, roundhouses and hut enclosures in the area provide evidence of prehistoric settlements while three miles north of the village, at Tomen y Mur, Roman remains can be seen.

FRON OLEU FARM at Trawsfynydd lies mid-way between Porthmadog and Dolgellau, in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park.

It was once the home of the village corn miller and dates back to the late fifteen hundreds. It is central for attractions, convenient for mountain bikers – only a few minutes north of Coed y Brenin visitor centre and bike trails – and has safe bike storage.

Our llamas and small animals keep everyone entertained, our chickens provide us with free range eggs for breakfast, and our garden railway is a great favourite with our guests.