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The Farm

“Light on the hill, across the mountains”

FRON OLEU means ‘light on the hill’ and the late afternoon sun bathes the fields and garden in a beautiful golden glow. TRAWSFYNYDD means ‘across the mountains’. Whichever way you travel, the road rises as it threads its way to Trawsfynydd, which is set on a hill more than six hundred feet above sea level and is completely encircled by the glorious mountain ranges of Snowdonia. The name was given to the village by the Romans.

The farm has been a B & B for over 40 years and the present owners, Penny Osborne and Margaret Roberts, have been here for twenty-one years.

THE FARMHOUSE, where you come for breakfast, was built in the late 1500s but has undergone many changes since then. It was once the home of the village corn miller and the mill was situated in the field on the other side of the lane, where the present agricultural building is. A canal crossed our land and the sluice gates were opened whenever milling took place.

THE GARDEN. Being situated close to many of the small steam trains, we often have guests who have a layout of their own so Penny designed a garden railway layout and her son built it. Weather permitting, we run the trains after breakfast during the summer and invite guests to watch. Although originally built for adult rail enthusiasts, well-behaved children are welcome to join us, too. However, we ask that people do not enter the railway area at other times to avoid damage to themselves or the railway. Thank you.

The attractive garden includes a small Japanese style area and a variety of ponds. For safety reasons, it is essential that children are supervised by their parents at all times and not allowed in the garden alone.

PETS WELCOMEwell behaved dogs and owners are very welcome! Dogs may be taken into your room but we don’t bring them into the farmhouse because we do have guests staying who have allergies. Please note: we are unable to accept pets in Welsh Mountain family room or Snowy Peaks four-poster room.

We ask just a few common sense things: please don’t let your dog climb on the beds or furniture. Please take your dog off the premises to relieve itself and keep it on a lead whilst in the grounds. Please DON’T go away and leave your dog unattended in the room for a long time.

We know you won’t – but somebody did. The two dogs thought they had been abandoned and cried till their owners got back in the early hours – not very fair on the people next door. Breakfast is usually OK; by then you have settled in, your luggage is installed and the family ‘smell’ (in the nicest sense of the word…) is established. However, you know your own animals. If you are not happy leaving the dog in the room during breakfast, perhaps it would feel more secure in your car.

Please note: any damage your dog may do must be paid for.


Since we live on the famous Welsh gold belt, we have acquired one of the old HUDSON TIPPER WAGONS that hauled the gold bearing ore from the nearby GWYNFYNYDD gold mine. A kilo of this rare, high quality gold was presented to the Queen on her 60th birthday.

Many of our visitors are railway enthusiasts. We have a model GARDEN RAILWAY (“Cedar Creek Railroad” – G scale) based on the Denver and Rio Grande, with a magnificent American trestle 3′ high and 45′ long.

Here is a video entitled “Little Ted drives his train around the Cedar Creek railway track at the Old Mill Farmhouse B&B in Trawsfynydd, North Wales”

As OLD MILL FARMHOUSE was once the home of the village corn miller, a FEATURE WATER WHEEL on the bank overlooking the courtyard was a ‘must’ to bring back a little atmosphere of bygone days. Plans are being made to repair it as it has suffered badly from recent winter storms.