COVID-19 Keeping you safe

Risk Assessment and General Bits and Pieces


Guests are able to book with peace of mind: we have our ‘Good to Go’ kitemark.

Our staff are all very experienced and have been trained to high standards in the new cleaning protocols. We take cleaning and safety very seriously, using materials which are the same standard (containing at least 60% alcohol) as those used in the NHS. All rooms are deep cleaned between guests and, because all our rooms open out on to the courtyard, we are able to keep the doors open for long periods to air the rooms. Particular attention is given to high contact areas such as light switches, door handles, taps etc all of which are cleaned with anti-bacterial/anti-viral wipes. Soft furnishings are treated with anti-bacterial/anti-viral sprays and non-essentials items have been removed from the rooms. Each room still has a hairdryer and hot water bottles and these, too, are treated with anti-bacterial/anti-viral wipes or sprays.

To allow more time for the extra cleaning necessary during the pandemic, we are asking people not to arrive before 4pm.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is observed at all times where people are likely to meet, but again, because of the rooms opening out onto the courtyard, there’s no risk of ‘meeting on the stairs’ or other close contact areas.


To further protect our guests, if we have larger numbers we provide a take-away breakfast in a box: a full hot breakfast and toast to give you a good start to the day, especially if you are doing some physical activities. Further details lower down. This is picked up from a collection point (the back door to the laundry). Instructions are given regarding where to put waste materials so that we can dispose of them safely. If you are running out of anything, such as coffee, tea, toilet rolls etc, contact us by phone or text and refills can be collected from the same place. Our telephone numbers are on the Covid notes in the rooms.


Outside, in the courtyard or in the garden, if you are likely to meet other people, we ask for masks to be worn, please, in accordance with the Welsh rules. Guidance is given as to the entrance and exit to the garden.

Know before you go – not exactly a ‘risk’ but…

We encourage all our guests to ‘do their homework’ before they come. Checking online to make sure the places you want to visit are open is very wise and avoids disappointment. Many places require you to book your place in advance, especially pubs and restaurants. We are always happy to give whatever help we can so feel free to give us a ring and ask your questions.

General Bits and Pieces…


No deposit will be taken during the Covid crisis but we will require your card details when booking and will take payment on the day of arrival. If you are not able to come, please give us as much notice as you possibly can so we can re-let the room.

Test, Trace, Protect

We are required to take your name, address and a contact telephone number in case any guest should test positive and you need to be contacted. These details will be kept for an additional twenty-one days after you leave.


Most contact will be by phone or text.

Room details will be available in the rooms when you arrive. Please let us know in advance what time you would like to arrive. When you get here, please park in the courtyard and ring or text to let us know you have arrived and we will tell you where your room is and how to get in.


Because of the need to disinfect and sanitize after guests leave, we are asking people to vacate their rooms by 10 am to allow for the longer than usual cleaning protocol.

It would help to keep us safe if you could please remove the duvet cover, sheet, pillow case and protectors when you leave – providing you feel safe and comfortable doing that. Please put them into the laundry bag (a pillow case, the colour of the room you are in) which you will find in one of the drawers. No problem if you don’t feel able to do this. Thank you.


Please send us your breakfast orders for the first morning, the day before you arrive.

We are currently offering B&BB! Bed – and Breakfast in a Box. Unfortunately, because we cannot have any extra staff in to help, we cannot offer any alternative to the hot breakfast but you can vary which items you want eg no mushrooms or beans. Hot breakfasts are served from 8 am. If you need to be away earlier than that, we can offer you a tray with cereals, bread etc and a piece of fruit. There is a toaster in your room.

The breakfast will be collected from the back door to the laundry and you can eat it in your room – or out in the sunshine if the weather permits. We have a lovely big garden with plenty of seats so please do enjoy it. If you wish to change anything on your order, please let us know after breakfast.

Our new innovative breakfast will consist of the following:

Scrambled or fried egg, to which can be added any of the following:




Chopped tomatoes

Hash brown


Toast – brown seeded or white 50/50 bread. A toaster is available in your room.

Butter, marmalade and jam – a selection will be available at the collection point.

You already have tea and coffee in your room. Please let us know if you run out of anything and need more.

Room Tidy

To further keep everyone safe, during your stay we will not be coming into your room to tidy it as we usually do. If you are short of anything eg tea, coffee, toilet rolls etc, please ring or text us and we will provide them at the collection point.

Rubbish Disposal

Please put your breakfast rubbish (boxes, spoons, jam containers etc) back into the carrier bag and leave it in the black box by the back door for us to dispose of. When your room bins are full, tie up the liner and again leave the bag in the black box. New liners can be collected at breakfast.

Please wash your hands regularly, especially when you first go into the room.

We are sorry if your room looks a little less friendly than usual: we have had to remove things like cushions and books to avoid contamination. Contact may be less than usual but we want you to know you are still very welcome!

This document is likely to change as we ‘tweak’ it when more information becomes available. We would welcome your feedback and ideas, to help us keep everyone safe and happy.

WE HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL VISIT AND RETURN HOME RESTED AND REFRESHED – and we look forward to welcoming you back again under better circumstances.

Keep safe as you travel.

Penny and Margaret.